Though the history of Lakewood Pitch & Putt club dates back to its foundation year of 1973, the idea of a pitch and putt
club had been formed by the John A Wood Sports and Social club as early as 1970. In that year the club received a site from
the John A Wood Ltd company to develop into a sports area for the use of employees, and it was decided to put the wheels in
motion towards forming a 9 hole pitch and putt course.

In September 1971, the then president of the P.P.U.I. Pat Dalton of Limerick was contacted, and this meeting led to the
selection of a pitch and putt site. The dream became a reality on the 18th August 1973, when a 9 hole course was opened by
Paddy Harkins president of the P.P.U.I. Paddy later became captain of the club and his daughter Gretchen Ahern is currently
secretary of the club.

The first committee of Lakewood was formed on 15th November 1973 under the the chairmanship of Danny Murphy who is
currently one of our vice-presidents. An inexperienced committee kept the club going through 1974, meeting every fortnight
in the John A Wood Ltd canteen. In March 1975 John Coleman became secretary of the club and remained as secretary until
2013, working tirelessly to keep the club at the forefront of pitch and putt. Tim Lucey and Frank Collins both John A Wood
Ltd employees were founder members of the club and served until their deaths. Frank Collins became treasurer in 1975 and
served in this position up to his untimely death in early 1988. His wife Sheila succeeded him and she has remained as
treasurer to date.

In 1975 the course was extended to 18 holes and immediately the club began to prosper. Many improvements have been made
over the years, including a watering system and the renovation of the clubhouse to provide better facilities and an
upstairs view of the course.


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Over the years many Cork and Munster championships have been won, mainly by our ladies who continue to outshine the men.
Valerie O’Leary continued the ladies progress when she won the 2011 Munster Ladies Inter Strokeplay championship. The
national breakthrough came in 1990 when we had two youthful champions. Davy O’Donovan won the Juvenile strokeplay
championship and Teresa Conway daughter of Pat and the late Dan Conway won the short-lived Ladies Junior matchplay
championship. Our juvenile club though not as strong as in previous years has had many successes and made up the entire
Cork inter-county juvenile team in 1994.

Ours Juvenile Club, though not as strong as former years, is beginning to show signs of a revival. Much success was
brought to the club under the guidance of Juvenile Officers Rene O’Shea and Eileen Murphy, including the entire Cork
Juvenile Inter-County team, represented by Lakewood players in 1994.

Lakewood has contributed officers to Cork, Munster, and N.E.C. John Coleman served as secretary of Munster council, P.R.O.
of Cork county board, member of N.E.C., and honorary auditor of the P.P.U.I. Dan Conway R.I.P. served as vice-president of
Munster council and member of N.E.C. Paddy Kelleher R.I.P. served as vice-chairman and chairman of Cork county board,
competitions secretary and president of Munster council and member of N.E.C. Steven Enneguess has served as vice-chairman
and P.R.O. of Cork county board, competitions secretary and vice- president of Munster, and is currently the national
coaching officer of the P.P.U.I.

The Lakewood club has been blessed by Officers and committee members who have given long years of service to the club. John
Coleman served as Secretary from March 1975 until 2013. Frank Collins became Treasurer in 1975 and up to the time of his
death in 1988 looked after the financial affairs of the club. His wife Sheila took over the role of Treasurer, and has
held the position to date. Sheila received a Cork County Board personality awarded at the 2005 Convention in recognition
of her service to the club. She joined Eudie McCarthy, Joe Kavanagh, and John Coleman, who also have been honoured by the
Board. Many committee members over the years have contributed to the growth of the club, including current long serving
members Bart Millard, Jim O’Shea and John O’Donoghue, who have given over twenty years of continuous service.

Lakewood has hosted seven national competitions as follows: 1983. Ladies Strokeplay. 1987. Gents Matchplay. 1991. Ladies
Matchplay. 1993. Inter- County. 1997. Mixed Team event. 1999. Ladies and Gents Matchplay. 2003. Ladies Strokeplay. 2006.
Juvenile Inter-County and Strokeply. 2007. Ladies and Gents Inter-County.
Over the years the club has been supported by the Sports and Social club who have supplied with the magnificent facilities.
The Lakewood name is also carried by our soccer, tennis, and badminton clubs. The bar facilities are also open to all
affiliated members, and include a snooker table and a progressive 45 drive each Tuesday night.

Currently the club like most other clubs is suffering a decline in membership, but it is hoped that situation will improve
in 2016. Membership application forms are available in the clubhouse and any information relating to club affairs can be
obtained on our website at www.lakewoodpitchandputt.com.

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